Signature Insurance Alternative

Affordable (In-Office) Dental Plan at Signature Smile:

Dental Plan Includes:

    • Prophylaxis (Cleaning In the absence of Periodontal Disease) (2 per year) $50 copay
    • Periodontal Cleaning (2 per year) $100 copay (20% off 3rd & 4th if applicable)

    Both of the above include:

    • Dental Exams (1 per year)
    • Bitewing X-rays (1 per year)
    • Full Mouth X-rays (1 every 3-5 years)
    • Complete Cosmetic Consultation
    • Essential Cancer Screening  

    20% Off All Treatment Including, But Not Limited To:

    • Laser Therapy Bacterial Decontamination (Done with Hygiene Procedures)
    • Basic (Tooth Colored Fillings, Oral Surgery, Periodontal Scaling, etc…)
    • Major (Crowns, Bridges, Partials, Dentures, Implants, etc…)
    • All Cosmetic Treatment  

  • NO Maximums and NO Deductibles
  • NO Lab Fees and NO Waiting Periods
  • NO Pre-authorizations or Pre-existing conditions
  • NO Missing Tooth or Replacement Clause

    One Year

    • Individual: $150

    Two Years

    • Individual: $275

    Other Perks

    • We work with many specialists who honor our Signature Insurance Alternative Plan
    • NO administration fee
    • Benefits start immediately
    • No Deductible or Maximum
    • Warm and comfortable environment

    Who is Eligible?

    • Your entire family
    • Your spouse
    • Children up to 26 years of age are considered dependents

    FREE Bleaching

    Patients are eligible for free bleaching annually provided all recommended treatment has been completed, and the patient has remained cavity-free and has stayed consistent with routine cleanings and exams.

    “Everyone Deserves A Great Smile”

    Signature Smiles

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