Cosmetic Dentistry

Signature Smiles does more than just help you maintain optimal oral health.  We’re also proud to offer affordable cosmetic dentistry services so you can achieve the perfect, radiant smile that gives you the confidence to put your personality on display.

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, and a bright smile paves the way for positive social interactions.  What if your teeth are crooked or stained?  What if they’re cracked or chipped?  What if you’re missing teeth?  You needn’t spend the rest of your life hiding your mouth behind your hand when you laugh or flashing a tight-lipped smile in photos. A brighter, whiter smile gives you a more youthful appearance.

With help from the experts at Signature Smiles, you can enjoy the beautiful smile that matches your sunny personality.  Here are a few of the cosmetic dental procedures we offer and the benefits they’ll bring to your life.

Our Services

By providing the most effective and up-to-date treatment options, we ensure that every patient has the opportunity to achieve a perfect smile.  We’re pleased to offer the following cosmetic dental procedures:

- Composite fillings

- Porcelain crowns (caps)

- Porcelain fixed bridges

- Porcelain veneers

- Tooth whitening


Maybe you’re dealing with tooth decay that requires fillings or crowns, or tooth loss that can be corrected with a bridge or implants.  The resilient materials we provide are designed to match the color of your teeth so as to remain virtually invisible, restoring your perfect smile.

Perhaps you have chipped or cracked teeth, or minor misalignment (overlaps or gaps) that could benefit from veneers.  Or you might have discoloration due to staining or simple aging that can easily be corrected with a whitening procedure.

We’re happy to explain all of our cosmetic dental procedures and advise you on which ones will best correct any flaws that mar your teeth and prevent you from smiling.  We also offer restorative dentistry options, including dentures, partial dentures, implant retained dentures, and dental implants, for those coping with the trauma of tooth loss.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

The main benefit of cosmetic dentistry is that it can enhance your smile for a more youthful appearance, and in some cases, restore oral function in the process.  This, in turn, elevates your confidence and improves your life.  How is this accomplished?

For starters, you can address issues like tooth decay or missing teeth with fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, or other dental devices that look just like your natural teeth, ensuring that no one even knows you’ve had dental work.  You can also replace old and outdated dental work (like highly visible amalgam fillings) to improve the look of your smile.  These options are not only attractive, but they also help to restore oral function so you can continue to smile, laugh, and eat normally.

Even if you don’t have functional concerns, cosmetic dentistry can completely change the look of your smile, addressing issues like discoloration, chips and cracks, misalignment, or teeth that are a shape, color, or size you’re not happy with.  At Signature Smiles, we’ll provide the expert advice and advanced cosmetic procedures you need to achieve your best smile.

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