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An attractive smile carries its own brand of social currency.  Many people cite a beautiful smile as one of the most attractive features in others, and knowing your smile is appealing can help you to make a good first impression and give you immeasurable confidence.  What if your visible teeth aren’t perfect, though?

At Signature Smiles, we understand how important your smile is.  In addition to maintaining optimal oral health, we can help you to improve the appearance of your smile in a variety of ways, including using veneers to achieve immediate results.  What are veneers and what issues can this dental treatment address?

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are thin strips of porcelain designed to attach to the front surface, or the visible part, of teeth in order to correct a variety of dental issues, from discoloration to misalignment.  They look like your natural teeth, but better, and they help to deliver the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

Like any dental appliance, veneers will have to be replaced eventually, but they are designed to last up to 10 years or more with proper care.  In the meantime, veneers provide a custom smile to address embarrassing issues that might otherwise stop you from smiling.

Who is a Good Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Since veneers are designed to bond to existing teeth, the only cosmetic issue they really aren’t suited for is restoring your smile following tooth loss.  However, they can correct several other cosmetic issues affecting your visible front teeth, and offer immediate results.

Suppose you’ve always had unsightly gaps, overlapping teeth, or other misalignment issues.  Maybe your teeth are misshapen, or they’re too large or too small.  While you can spend months in braces to correct these issues, veneers provide a quick and lasting solution.

Veneers are also an ideal option for discoloration or staining that can’t easily be corrected with alternative treatment options like teeth whitening.  Further, veneers can cover cracked, chipped, or severely worn teeth.  When you’re facing unsightly and embarrassing issues on highly visible front teeth, veneers may be the best solution for immediate and lasting results.

What to Expect with Porcelain Veneers

The process of creating custom veneers typically requires two visits.  Veneers are wafer-thin strips of porcelain, but they will still add a modicum of thickness, so during the first visit, the outer, enamel surface of teeth will be trimmed in preparation to accommodate the added bulk.  The area trimmed is generally no more than the thickness of the veneer, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Keep in mind that trimming is permanent, so you cannot change your mind after the fact.  Once you commit and undergo trimming, you’ll have to get the veneers to cover and protect teeth.  Following trimming, we’ll take an impression of teeth to create your custom veneers, and help you to choose the color you prefer for your new smile.

 At your second appointment, your veneers will be placed, adjusted, and permanently bonded to teeth to instantly create your new and improved smile.  At Signature Smiles, we believe you deserve a perfect smile, and veneers offer an instant upgrade.


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